Steph’s in training, can she inspire you?

Running Blog

We all get inspired by perhaps what we see on television, read about in the papers or maybe even from latest postings on Facebook, but for Steph Faye Grasby it was seeing how much enjoyment that her daughter gets in life, especially when she joins her cousin at an Escape trip.

Steph started getting into running when she was about to get married and then signed up for the Birmingham Half Marathon to run for the Children’s Hospital as a thankyou after her daughter was treated there.  Since then, Steph’s trainers have lay waiting for the next moment of inspiration, which has now come about because of Escape.

Steph has been able to see via her nephew and her daughter’s shared experiences what Escape does to support and offer families those special moments together.  So this October, Steph will once again be taking on the Birmingham Half Marathon, but this time fundraising and running in aid of Escape.  She is currently in full swing with her training plan to get fit and ready for the big day.

Here at Escape you know how crucial funds are in order for the good times and the trips to continue.    Taking part in a fundraising event such as running can be both challenging but rewarding, and so if any of you are feeling inspired by Steph’s efforts,  then you don’t have to travel as far as the Midlands to do conquer such a feat or even necessarily run a half marathon!  Every year Escape enters a team for the local Taunton Fun Run and Half Marathon.

In the meantime, I am sure you will join us in wishing Steph every success at completing a safe and enjoyable run in Birmingham.  If you are inspired too, why not join us and be part of the Escape Group entry at the Taunton Fun Run/Half Marathon on Sunday April 3rd 2016.  Contact us for an entry form.