Umbrella in the Rain

Rainy Day Activities

Is the British weather living up to its reputation? Event cancelled? Don’t worry, these amazing events will keep the kiddie winks entertained!

Pirate Theme Treasure Hunt

Shiver me timbers matey’s, it’s time to find some hidden treasure! There’s oodles of fun to be had on a rainy day with a good ol’ fashioned scavenger hunt. So don an eye patch and a fetching hat then set yourself a challenge and see how long you can keep the pirate accent up.

Treasure chest

Here are a list of things that you’ll need to make a great scavenger hunt:

  • Treasure (this can be chocolate coins, sweets or other treats. You can even hide everyday items around the house like a toy or the TV remote… just don’t forget where you hid them)
  • Hiding places – you can make your hiding places as challenging as you want, just make sure you give the kids plenty of clues, remember X marks the spot!)
  • Pirate Gear – plunder the fancy dress box (or your own wardrobe) to find some fitting pirate attire (you can even make and decorate your own Pirate hats with this simple origami guide)

Once you’ve set everything up and the kids are ready to go, let them loose and enjoy!

Italian Pizza Making Master Class

Get stuck in and make-a-some-a pizza pies in your own authentic(ish) Italian pizzeria. Making pizzas is a great way to keep the kids entertained and at the same time make something tasty for tea time.
Now you don’t have to be Jamie Oliver or Delia Smith to cook up a storm in the kitchen, making a pizza is as easy as pie (pun intended). Make a base from scratch with your mini kitchen helpers, needing and rolling the dough (WARNING: be prepared for mess) or use buy a pre-made base. Alternatively you can use pitta bread, bagels or tortilla wraps as a base, take a look at NetMum’s guide and check out their super simple recipes and pizza base alternatives.

Smiley Pizza PieAdd a bit of flair to your pizzas and get the little ones to decorate them with faces, shapes or pictures all made with the toppings of your choice. Want to go that little bit further? Give the kids some curly Italian moustaches with non-permanent pen, face paint or eye liner crayon.

Rainy Day Home Cinema

Lights, camera, action! Avoid the cold, wet and windy weather by huddling up round the goggle box and enjoy some movie fun.

Tasty PopcornHere’s what you’ll need to turn your living room into a stellar cinema:

  • Films: you can raid your DVD collection for some quality film gems, or if you’re collections looking a bit thin why not try a 30-day free trial of Netflix? (hook your laptop or pc up to your TV with a HDMI or AVG cable and hey presto, an instant cinema with thousands of titles to choose from)
  • Snacks: Get that authentic cinema smell and buy some microwave popcorn, or make your own and add whatever flavours you like: Honey, sugar, butter, cinnamon, paprika the possibilities are endless.
  • Seats: squish up on the sofa with your snacks and blankets (depending on how cold and wet it is outside) and sit back and relax.

Bored Board Games

Often only seen as a last resort to stave off boredom, board games can actually be pretty fun. Not convinced? Try making your own board game incorporate pieces and features from other games or whip some up from scratch.

Board GamesMix things up a bit and hold a tournament, fighting it out to be crowned board game champion!

Are you making the most of your rainy day? Send us your photos and stories of you having fun to Facebook and Twitter. Do you have a favourite activity we didn’t mention, let us know?


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