Hub Club 2020

Please note… ALL Escape activities, due to the

Coronavirus outbreak, are cancelled with

immediate effect until at least the summer

holidays, July 2020.

Saturdays 3.30 – 5.30pm

April 4th Easter Extravaganza- CANCELLED

May 2nd Banners Bonanza- CANCELLED

June 6th Escape Birthday Party- POSTPONED

July 18th To be confirmed

August 15th Hub Club Summer Trip

September 12th To be confirmed

October 10th Halloween crafts

November 6th Christmas crafts

December 13th Escape Christmas Party

The Hub Club is Escape’s monthly family club which is funded by Children in Need.  It’s role is about bringing families and their children together to have fun and make friends through a range of activities and crafts.

This is a free club for chilren with additional needs and their family. We provide a range of activities including:

Arts & crafts

Board games



Sensory play


Tuck shop

Outdoor Play

Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are also provided.

We certainly feel it is very beneficial to our families, but here some of the families that attend tell us what they think of The Hub Club –

My daughter, Olivia and I (and daddy when he is not working) have been going to Hub Club since it first started in October.  We all love to go and enjoy doing things with others we do not always do at home.  Olivia finds it a great opportunity to ‘play’ with children and adults (there is a kid in all of us and my daughter is good at seeking it out).  We all get involved in games, activities and good quality time together doing and making lots of different things. We have made sock puppets, Christmas decorations and lego scenes. I even made a table decoration for Christmas Day! The club ends with parachute games which everyone gets involved with to use up that final burst of energy and fun.”

Alison, Colin and Olivia

My kids ask me every Saturday “Is it the Hub Club this week?” – they love it! I think that tells you everything you need to know about the Hub Club! My two are 4 and 6 and as soon as we get to the club they invariably head straight to the Lego table.  We have tonnes of the stuff at home, but still, something about being at the club and having different Lego (Minecraft and Star Wars is a huge favourite!) really appeals to them. My daughter loves the various arts and crafts she can get involved in (as do I, better to do these messy activities out the house!) and my son enjoys seeing how many sweets he can get with his £1 pocket money in the tuck shop (it is loads!). An activity all the kids absolutely adore is the parachute games – they love it and run around like maniacs!  It’s great to see both Jack and Zuki having such a great time with other children and it means the parents get to sit down and enjoy a cuppa and a biscuit knowing the kids are safe and in a judgement free environment.  Thank you Escape!”

Jo, Jim, Jack and Zuki

The Hub Club is an amazing monthly get together for children and adults. Our son Tyler loves every part of it from building lego to craft making playing games and meeting people. Also not forgetting the tuck shop. It’s an amazing couple hours and if Tyler had his way it would be on longer and every week. As for me it’s nice to see Tyler enjoying himself and having so much choice on what activities he wants to do. Me and Sara also enjoy every part of it. So thank you Escape for this amazing club.”

Pete, Sara and tyler
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