As a charity ESCAPE Support Group participates in a huge range of fundraising events, ranging from coffee mornings & lunches to taking part in large locally organised events.

These events are either organised by the charity, by individual members or by family associates.


Current fundraising

For more information contact or call 01823442160

Click here to sign up online

Asda Green Tokens

We have been nominated to be part of the Asda Foundation Green Token Giving online vote through our local Asda store Taunton. The vote went live today and voting will close at midnight on Monday 31st January 2022. You can vote for us by visiting and selecting Taunton from the drop-down box. Supporters will be able to vote once every seven days so please keep voting.

We are also extremely grateful for the support we receive from local businesses and organisations who collect for us, promote us and donate THANK YOU. If you are a local company and would like to support us or have one of our penny collection pots please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Recent fundraising events have included:

Bev & Rebecca’s coffee mornings

Local fete 

School fundraisers

Penny collection pots

Christmas ball- with raffle & auction

Bag packing at and collecting at local supermarkets

Collecting at local carnivals

Newt Fest

DC in the Park

Creech Party in the Park

Short breaks Fun Day

Wilstock Hub

Raising money for charity may seem like a lot of hard work sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. Put the ‘fun’ back into fundraising with these exciting ideas and events.

Mini British Bake Off

Bake Sale

Channel your inner Mary Berry and get yourself baking some scrumptiously mouth-watering cookies, cakes and crumbles. You’ll have a blast in the kitchen whipping up some tasty treats with the kiddiewinks, decorating to your heart’s content. Don’t forget to lick the mixing bowl!

Tasty treats and tots in toe, you can get everyone’s culinary creations together and taste and judge, crowning the winner mini bake off champ. Collections can be taken before or after the contest or even during if you want to put a price on your pastries.

Fun Run

Escape Charity Run

Yes, the words ‘fun’ and ‘run’ can be used in the same sentence! Now not everyone’s as fast as Usain Bolt and frankly you don’t have to be, just be yourself. Run for as long as you want, as fast as you want and wearing whatever you want.

Fun running can be incredibly rewarding thanks to the massive sense of self achievement. You can also get your friends, family and teachers to sponsor you per mile, kilometre, and meter or even by centimetre if you don’t feel too confident. At the end of the day the emphasis should be on the fun and not the run, enjoy yourself.

If you fancy running for ESCAPE, why not take part in the ‘Taunton Family Fun Run & Half Marathon’? Don’t worry there’s a 2.1km & 1.4km course depending on how brave you’re feeling. Many employers offer Matched Funding, how about talking to your employer to see if they do too. Drop us an email or give us a ring if you are not sure how to go about this. The run will be held on the 6th april 2014, for more details please check the January newsletter.

Family Bingo / Quiz Night

Bingo Card

If you fancy raising money at a slower pace, why not give bingo a go? Pay to play and win some fabulous prizes like cakes, vouchers or even family days out. A nice relaxed way to have a bit of fun and raise some money at the same time.
If Bingo’s not your cup of tea you could always get quizzical. Put your wits to the test and hold a family quiz night. Add a pictures round and a guess the music round for extra fun.

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